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A Field Guide to Conservation Finance

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With new awareness of climate change, the world is suddenly small. Conservation suddenly matters now more than ever, everywhere. A growing sense of personal responsibility is emerging. Citizens are stepping up as never before. Yet money to conserve land and water, and the techniques to leverage it are significant limiting factors. In A Field Guide to Conservation Finance (Island Press, Spring 2007), Story Clark shows how to tackle these problems and successfully raise private funds and finance conservation projects.

Exploring both cutting-edge and traditional financial strategies in a highly accessible style, Clark gives innovative advice to help land trusts and other conservation organizations achieve their goals. Based on her own extensive experience, research and over 275 interviews, she makes potentially daunting topics, such as readying your organization, approaching funders, using voluntary surcharges, and undertaking Project Related Investment (PRI) programs accessible. A Field Guide to Conservation Finance provides any savvy conservationist the financial strategies required to make their land conservation ideals a reality.


Launched in 2012, this exciting mobile application gives travelers a new way to enjoy the surrounding landscape. GPS-triggered audio stories, which combine engaging, entertaining narration with music, images, text and other interesting links, accompany you along your route. The app's two pilot tours are based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but many more routes are in the works! Download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play.


"Five Strategies for Fundraising in the Economic Crisis"
Fundraising Wisdom in Saving Land, Winter 2009

"Conservation development practices, extent, and land-use effects in the United States"
Practices, Trends, and Conservation Impact in Conservation Biology, August 2011



Conservation Development
Story recently completing a yearlong research project on conservation development. Her results were presented in the above Conservation Biology publication and various presentations.

Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Initiative
Researching green energy initiatives for small communities in conjunction with the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Initiative.


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A clear, well-written overview of the basics of conservation finance with useful insights and real stories that combine to create an invaluable and accessible guide for land trusts seeking to protect more land.
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An exciting new app that transforms any excursion into a multidimensional and entertaining learning experience, at the listener's own pace -- better than a tour guide!
Magazine Articles
Fundraising Wisdom in Saving Land, Winter 2009
In Conservation Biology, August 2011, co-written with Jeffrey C. Milder.
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Several articles recently published on this new conservation finance web site.
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